Advanced American English Conversation and Culture Certification Program

A certificate of completion will be issued to the participants who have completed all the course activities and exercises, including both scorable and non-scored activities, final unit tests, and lesson forum participation.

Qualifying parameters:

1. Self-study (no classroom or online instruction).

* To qualify for the certificate, the applicant must compete all the activities, including non-scorable, and have the results of all scorable exercises at 80% or better.

* The participant must submit a forum entry for at least one lesson in each of the 6 units. Upon completion of the required coursework, the applicant must submit the request form for his coursework review. If all the criteria are met, an electronic badge and a printable PDF will be issued in his or her name at no charge.

2. Guided study (classroom or online instruction).

The certificate will be issued upon the request of the instructor. An electronic badge and a printable PDF will be issued in the participant’s name upon the request of a US Conversation-certified classroom or online instructor at no charge.

The certificate will have a verification feature allowing the employer, educational establishment, or any other interested party request the certificate authenticity verification at no additional charge.

IrenaThe completion of the course can satisfy the requirements for the academic and professional development for English language professionals and employees of international companies requiring their employees American English language proficiency in the amount of: 60 hours for self-study and 80 hours for instructor-guided study.


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