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US Conversation

  • Do you want to be able to understand
    and speak with average Americans?

  • Do you already speak English but feel lost
    in casual conversations with native speakers?

  • Are you shy and feel discouraged if you don’t
    understand everything that people are saying?

If so, we can help.

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US Conversation Program

Our program is based on videos of real, natural conversations
between average U.S. residents. There are 25 complete video lessons.

The topics of conversations include many different areas of life, such as:

  • Cultural Differences

  • Learning English

  • Owning a Business

  • Employment

  • Dating

  • Raising Children

  • Acculturating

  • Traveling in the US

  • Rural Living

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US Conversation Lessons

Each video lesson includes a transcript (the text of the conversation), and multiple exercises to support and help your understanding. Practice listening and reading comprehension in the comfort of your home as much as you want!

Lesson Components Include:

  • Pre-listening activity to prepare you
    for the topics of the video

  • Exercises to guide and deepen
    your understanding

  • Additional materials to expand
    on the video

  • Training to identify common
    speech patterns

  • Word games to help you with
    the vocabulary and spelling

  • A forum where you can share
    your experiences

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