• Don’t Mean a Thing


    Flapper: A fashionable and socially rebellious young woman in the 1920s era.

    I love this style of music, late 20-s early 30s.  It’s old, yet very modern for some strange reason.

    I guess it just confirms the idea that the new is usually well-forgotten old. :)

    Click & Enjoy:

  • Fun Tour of American Accents


    Which one is your favorite?  Let’s vote for the cutest, nicest, most impressive, and overall best accent/variety performed by Amy Walker in this video!  I wish I had this fine ability to mimic sounds and prosody (rhythm, stress, and intonation) of spoken text!  I think people who can do that are very special.

    Enjoy and don’t forget to vote!

    What is your favorite accent/variety from this video?

  • What kind of American are you?

    And I thought you get these questions  only if you speak with an accent…  Turns out you get them if you “look with an accent”, too! :)