The Aware Werewolf


I came across this wonderful image, and it inspired the poet in me.
I hope you like it :)


There was once a lonely creature,
Being half-man and half-wolf was his feature,
Was he frightening to wolves and men alike
To prevent escalations, he took a hike.

He decided to serve as au pair
And occasionally as wolf-wear,
Was his fur very much in demand
But alive fur was very soon banned.

And the places he went they would stare,
For his life he was scared and mumbled a prayer,
He was caught, poor wolf, with the net in midair
Then was sold to a Zoo, what a sordid affair!

Now he lives in a cage he was destined to be
And content with his life to a certain degree,
Morning yoga with panda bear,
He enlightened became and aware…

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