• Had had had had…..



    What does this sentence mean?  It means that this man is dead (that’s why it is in past perfect, and not in present perfect) and during his life and before his death, he had a lot of faith in something.  However, none of the faith he had during his life had a significant impact on his life.

    Interesting, eh?  My question to you is this: is it possible to have a meaningful sentence in your language with 4 of the same words in a row?  If so, give an example please.

  • Past Perfect….for sale?

    images-1Of course you know that there is an English tense with this name.  But what kind of a store or a shop could have this name?  There is one in my town, and I pass by it often.  I think it’s a very smart way to name it, considering the kind of merchandise they sell.  What do you think they sell there?