Past Perfect….for sale?

images-1Of course you know that there is an English tense with this name.  But what kind of a store or a shop could have this name?  There is one in my town, and I pass by it often.  I think it’s a very smart way to name it, considering the kind of merchandise they sell.  What do you think they sell there?

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  1. Anonymous /

    This is Antique Store · Vintage Store

    1. iRena / Post Author

      Yes, Anonymous. Problem solved: it is an antiques store. The idea is this: old things (from the past) that are in good (perfect) condition are sold here. Well, in the U.S., they call “antique” anything that is 20-30-40 years old, so…they aren’t really antique to you if you come from another continent/culture. But they’re old and might have some value someday. Well done! What is your name, Anonymous?

  2. iRena / Post Author

    Very close….but not quite… Other ideas?

  3. Marc /

    My guess is a used clothing store??

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